Commit a73af517 authored by Pavel Ondračka's avatar Pavel Ondračka Committed by Markus Scheidgen
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Parse k-points from the *.klist file

parent be14ddf2
......@@ -201,6 +201,26 @@ class Wien2kContext(object):
backend.addValue("number_of_spin_channels", 1)
mainFile =
#read kpoints from the klist file
klistFile = mainFile[:-4] + ".klist"
if os.path.exists(klistFile):
with open(klistFile) as f:
for l in f:
tmp = l.split()
if len(tmp) >= 6:
weightsSum += kMeshWeights[-1]
kMeshPoints.append([float(tmp[1])/float(tmp[4]), float(tmp[2])/float(tmp[4]), float(tmp[3])/float(tmp[4])])
elif tmp[0] == 'END': break
kMeshWeights = [w/weightsSum for w in kMeshWeights]
backend.addArrayValues("k_mesh_points", np.asarray(kMeshPoints))
backend.addArrayValues("k_mesh_weights", np.asarray(kMeshWeights))
def onClose_section_scf_iteration(self, backend, gIndex, section):
#Trigger called when section_scf_iteration is closed.
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