Commit e91ed63f authored by Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)'s avatar Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)
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fixing typo (section_system_description)... again

fix of 3025cbc1 got lost in merge...
parent 9d957802
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ def parse(filename):
'GR_%.1f' % (c(h, 'bohr') * 1.0E15)) # in fm
elif r.Mode == 'lcao':
with o(p, 'section_system_describtion'):
with o(p, 'section_system_description'):
p.addArrayValues('simulation_cell', c(r.UnitCell, 'bohr'))
symbols = np.array([chemical_symbols[z] for z in r.AtomicNumbers])
p.addArrayValues('atom_label', symbols)
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