Commit 86cacd27 authored by Andrei Ionita's avatar Andrei Ionita
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replacing token uri with the ipfs link to the batch file

parent 49a814be
......@@ -50,10 +50,13 @@ def get_config():
def remove_certificates():
def update_ipfs_link():
def update_ipfs_link(token_id, token_uri):
config = get_config()
certificate_batch_handler, transaction_handler, connector = \
# calling the smart contract to update the token uri for the token id
cert_issuer.issue_certificates.update_token_uri(config, token_id, token_uri, transaction_handler)
def add_file_ipfs(cert_json):
#Important to put name of IPFS container
......@@ -70,12 +73,16 @@ def issue(createToken: createToken, request: Request):
#Removed File mode from ethereum_sc
#bitcoin.instantiate_blockchain_handlers(config, False)
cert_issuer.issue_certificates.issue(config, certificate_batch_handler, transaction_handler, createToken.recipientPublickey)
# delegating the issuing of the certificate to the respective transaction handler, that will call "createCertificate" on the smart contract
(tx_id, token_id) = cert_issuer.issue_certificates.issue(config, certificate_batch_handler, transaction_handler, createToken.recipientPublickey)
# file that stores the ipfs hashes of the certificates in the batch
ipfs_batch_file = config.ipfs_batch_file
#Retrieve file path of certified transaction
blockchain_file_path = config.blockchain_certificates_dir
#fileID = certificate_batch_handler.certificates_to_issue.popitem(last=False)[0]
json_data = []
ipfs_list = []
for fileID in certificate_batch_handler.certificates_to_issue:
full_path_with_file = str(blockchain_file_path + '/' + fileID + '.json')
......@@ -83,6 +90,14 @@ def issue(createToken: createToken, request: Request):
d = json.load(f)
#Save JSON Certificate to IPFS
ipfsHash = add_file_ipfs(d)
ipfs_list.append('' + ipfsHash)
return json_data
# write ipfs hash list into the ipfs batch file
with open(ipfs_batch_file, w) as file:
json.dump(ipfs_list, file)
ipfs_batch_hash = add_file_ipfs(ipfs_batch_file)
update_ipfs_link(token_id, '' + ipfs_batch_hash)
return json_data
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